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Previous customers! Our bubble soap has changed since Ajax changed their formula! To see the new recipe click on bubble recipe on the sidebar.

Do you or your children want to make giant bubbles like these just by waving your hand?

(more pictures below)

Well now anyone can make giant bubbles with Majic Bubble Wands! Soft and flexible, the Majic Bubble Wand allows even young children to make tons of bubbles with a simple wave of the hand! Just dip the wand in the bubble solution (easy to make recipe included), and wave it around to fill the air with bubbles! Kids of all ages, and adults too, will have a blast making these bubbles!

Worried about them breaking after a week? Don't be.

We make our Bubble Wands out of a heavy duty soft plastic called polypropylene. Unlike most plastics, it is soft and flexible, and is made to bend without breaking. To make sure you are 100% satisfied with our Bubble Wands, we offer a 100% FULL LIFETIME GUARANTEE on every single wand we sell. If it breaks, we will replace it hassle free. A great family toy that won't let you down. Made in Canada since 1984.

What kind of bubble solution do you use?

With every purchase we give you our secret bubble recipe spelled out step by step. It is quick and easy to make, and from all household ingredients. After 15 years we have not found a recipe that works better then this one. The bubbles last longer, and when the sun hits them you will see incredible colors on the surfaces of the bubbles. This is the exact same recipe we used in the pictures.

(when it's windy you don't even have to wave!)

Can a x year old child make bubbles with these? Won't the soap get in their eyes?

The rule of thumb is, if you can wave your hand, you can make bubbles. We designed the Majic Bubble Wand with a long handle that keeps the soap away from the face and eyes, and the shapes have no pointy edges.

Do the different shapes make different bubbles?

Yes, there is a description of each shape and the different style of bubbles they make below. They all come out round in the end, but the variations in the shape will change how they come out. The Bubble Kit comes with all 4 shapes so you can experience all the different types of bubbles!

The Family Bubble Kit includes all of the following

Flower Wand

The Flower Wand makes large clusters of bubbles. (Bubble flowers).
Fish Wand

The Fish Wand makes long tubular bubbles.
Turtle Wand

The Turtle Wand makes many clusters of many small and medium bubbles, easier for younger children to do.
Heart Wand

The heart wand makes the biggest bubbles, but takes a little more skill to use.
+ A bubble soap dipping tray

+ The secret bubble solution recipe

+ A - Lifetime Guarantee - against breakage of any sort on every wand, if it breaks we will replace it

Family Bubble Kit

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Double Kit Special

Includes two of our regular kits, plus 2 extra FREE wands. Also includes discounted shipping! Use both kits for a party, or keep one and give the other as a great gift.

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Shipping information

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I have a birthday party or event coming up, do you offer any discounts for special events, or wholesale?

Yes we do! Just email us with information about your event, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Or you can visit our - Fundraising page - or Wholesale page.

We can be reached at Wholesale and non-profit prices are available also, just ask and we will be happy to help you!

About Us is a family company based in Washington State that has been making and selling the Majic Bubble Wand since 1985 in malls, fairs, special events, and mail order all throughout the world. We believe the Bubble Wand to be a excellent toy, and our customers think so too! Bubbles never go out of style, don't require batteries, can be done in a group, and will keep kids busy for hours! Because of these reasons, and from the many happy experiences our customers have related to us, we believe we have the most durable and fun toy for making bubbles!